📓Release Notes - May 2013

These changes are being made during May 2013. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

Happy spring and get ready for summer! Here are the latest changes to ShowGrounds software. As a reminder, you should now be operating on Version 4.01.25.

New Features


We've created a new ring status page for in-gate. In the In-gate/Announcer tool, we replaced the "Classes" button with a "Readerboard" button. Clicking this button will open the readerboard page with selected date and ring.

It can also be viewed live at: http://showgroundslive.com/esp/readerboard

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Printing Invoices

We've added the ability to print invoices from the Payment Detail. This allows quick access to the payment detail -- especially useful for credit card transactions.

Go to Payments > open a payment record > click on the "Print Statement" button on bottom left. This can be used with entries from different shows or for multi-entry payment records.


Personalize Your Company's Home Page -- One Time or As Needed!

Every time someone goes to ShowGroundsLive to make an entry, add/drop a class, or pay a bill, they can be greeted by your company's own personalized message. This message can be changed at your convenience to give updates about ring changes, weather, or other important things. Check out how Rocky Mountain Show Jumping used it recently:

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To edit your company's home page, click on the blue box as listed above. Please feel free to contact Emily at 413-625-3177 or emily@showgroundslive.com for help in setting this up!

Better disclosure on what YOUR company offers online

We've improved how we communicate what each company supports -- i.e., what features are (and are not) available. For example, when looking for Live Results, if a certain show does not offer that feature, the website will say so. This will help users identify what they can do online and what they can't!

Web-enabling: For entries made in the office

We resolved a licensing issue that was blocking entries (that were made in the show office) from appearing on the website.

IOS app

Class signups!

Users with app subscriptions can now sign up for classes from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Similar to the website, on the app a user can 1) choose a show, 2) tap the "Schedule" icon, 3) and tap "Signup." This is a really slick feature that allows users to sign up for an available slot in the next day's class (for companies that participate). It's a fantastic new feature for the app! Check it out and feel free to contact Emily if you'd like more info.

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