📔Release Notes - July 2014

These changes are being made during July 2014. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Division/Class Analysis Report

In order to better serve show companies, we created a new Division/Class Analysis report, which can be found in either Shows or Circuits and then by accessing the "wheel" icon and choosing "Export Division Class Analysis." This report generates information on prize money by class/division versus from entries. It factors in the number of horses per division or class/week and total entry revenue by division or class/week. Check it out!

Quick Pin in Entries

On the Entry Detail - All Classes tab, next to Rider search, a new dropdown has been added. It contains distinct Owner, Trainer, PMR (Prize Money Recipient) and RP (Responsible Party), which are not already the rider for Entry. When a person is selected from this dropdown, a confirmation dialog is displayed to avoid accidental adds.

RTO Searches -- Added ability to search by e-mail address

When clicking "find/search," we added a search field for e-mail addresses. It searches both primary and secondary fields.

Software Updates

  • Disabled the ability to shift/tab to the "time allowed" field so it won't get accidentally modified

  • Updated Judges cards to reflect jumper level as well as a more consistent display of placings

  • Updated readerboard with alternate row colors

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

  1. Enabled the "update license" button so it syncs with an administrator changes, for example, of show dates or name

  2. Enabled automatic updates of horse memberships when an entry is opened

  3. Created a new report for Stabling Notes

  4. Fixed a bug in Classes -> Export Show Schedule to Excel

  5. Changed the Class List-Announcer Sheet report to display by group

  6. Updated the Stabling by Trainer report to alphabetize by last name first and fixed a bug regarding totals

  7. Fixed a bug regarding horse gender via USEF

  8. Implemented update to USEF division codes

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