📓Release Notes - October 2015

These changes are being made during October 2015. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

New Feature: Credit Transfer

Some of you had this function, some did not-- but now SGL universally offers show companies to apply credit transfers to entries, allowing for a more streamlined approach to invoicing.

To transfer credit:

1. Under the entries module, select the entry you wish to apply payment to

2. Select 'apply payment' from the wheel/quick function on the top right

3. Select 'credit transfer' from the 'payment type' drop down menu

4. Select the account you'd like to transfer the credit towards/from

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ShowGrounds Video Function Update: Easy Sharing to Social Media

While sharing has been available, now you can enjoy a trip, and pass it along to others in 1 click. We have integrated easy sharing buttons for social media, including Facebook and Twitter right into the video window.

New Website

With the expansion of ShowGrounds into video services, we've been lucky enough to be a part of some shows through Chronicle of the Horse magazine. Last month, ShowGrounds helped create a site that brings several of these related entities under one domain-- tv.coth.com

Right now, even though the live streams are closed, you can still view some of the most watched trips from shows like Dressage at Devon, and the 2015 Capital Challenge. Take a look for yourself.

Chronicle of the Horse

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Behind the Scenes Improvements/Fixes:

1. Changes to video error reporting that enable faster customer service

2. Fixed a cookie problem that prohibited many users from logging into their accounts in early October

3. Fixed withholding tax calculation error

4. Improved video correction tool for Chronicle TV

5. Fixed bug regarding videos not working from the 'class' view

Additional Things We're Working On

-- Expansion of ShowGrounds video services. You provide a great product, now we need to find a way to deliver it to the masses

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