📔Release Notes - September 2019

These changes are being made during September 2019. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Features

We have a few new features and some bug fixes in this newest release.

Addition of rider age as a requirement.

We have added rider age as a new class requirement option. This requirement can be added to a single class record or onto a group of classes using the "Add Requirement to Classes" option on the wheel in the class module.

In the screenshot below, this requirement would be for a rider 15 years or younger, based on rider's age provided by USEF or input by show.

This requirement would be any rider who is 15-19 inclusive.

Classes with rider age requirements can now be verified quickly.

As with other verifications, the missing requirements will be visible on the last column in the entries window.

Ability to validate organizations for specific RTOs

Now the user can select rider, trainer or owner when validating membership in show created, non system organizations. Many membership requirements are rider specific and this new feature offers flexibility and greater specificity when validating memberships (or any custom organization the horse show creates).

Bug Fixes

  • The entry labels report w/owner was printing the owner name twice and omitting the horse name. This is fixed.

  • Life USEF and USHJA memberships now remain validated

Other Fixes:

  • There was an issue where the credit card that was used to secure entries made online was not retained when the entries were replicated to other shows. Fixed.

  • Arrow up or down did not work when selecting people during the add entry process. Fixed.

  • Orders of go were re-ordering the entries online despite not being officially published yet. Fixed.

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