šŸ““Release Notes - August 2020

These changes are being made during August 2020. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Emailing Multiple Shows at one Time

In the communications section, show companies now have the option to select multiple shows to email at one time. Note: Ring, Date, and Class Group options are disabled when more than one Show is selected since these filters are dependent on the shows.

Requiring a Code for Show Entry

Show companies can now require that to enter a show, exhibitors have a specific code. In web settings, check the box to require the code, and then enter it in the blank box.

Exhibitors will have to enter the code while signing up, or they won't be able to continue the process.

Receipts for Video Subscriptions

Previously, users were not able to go back to their account and directly-download a receipt from the video subscription page. There is not a direct-download button for their video subscriptions under their account where it shows all of their purchased subscriptions.

They then can view and/or save the receipt for their records

JJD Integration

If a show company is using Jumper Judge Dashboard, SGL can integrate with the program to get live scoring data

Ability to Hide Ranking/Scoring

Show companies now have an option to hide ranking data

Responsible Party

Show companies may now select the option to require an e-signature from a responsible party.

When users are adding entries into the show they will select the "Responsible Person"

The show company also will be able to tell if the RP has signed.

Show Drop-Downs on Show Company Sites

There are now drop-down menus on the first page of each show company for the user to select the desired show.

Requiring All Shows in a Series

Show companies now have the ability to check a box that requires exhibitors to sign up for all shows within a series.

Exhibitors will also see the message from the show company before they finalize their entries.

Change to Text Sent for Digital Signatures

The text notification prompting the user for digital signatures, will now alert them that it's related to the show in hopes of eliminating the texts being mistaken for spam and being deleted prematurely.

Working Towards a Mobile-Friendly Site

We are currently working on making ShowGroundsLive mobile-friendly for users. Some pages have been formatted already, and we anticipate within the next few weeks the whole site being mobile-friendly!

Printing First Page of Entry Blanks

You will now have the option to print just the first page of the "Entry Blanks", just check the box before printing.

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  1. Same Day Add/Drops - Bug with using show settings vs class settings, this has been corrected.

  2. Phone number verification was not working for lots of users, this has been corrected.

  3. The password reset link for users to reset their password was not working properly, this has been corrected.

  4. Data shown in the schedule was missing in results, this has been corrected.

  5. Users who created entries did not have access to view "My Schedule", this has been corrected.

  6. Selecting recipients didn't work properly prior to show start, this has been corrected.

  7. There was a bug when confirming manual signatures vs. e-signatures in the system, this has been corrected.

  8. There was a bug with the updated text message for e-signatures not sending in the proper format, this has been corrected.

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