📓Release Notes - February 2020

These changes are being made during February 2020. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

We have launched a number of new and useful features. Take a look!

Balance Transfer Tool

The balance transfer tool allows the arbitrary transfer of either an existing balance (money owed by entry) or a credit balance (money owed to an entry) from that entry to 1 or many other entries. The balance transfer tool will ONLY create a transaction that balances to a zero, meaning the sum of all the distribution amounts must equal zero.

Select the entries that will be involved in the transaction. This would include the entry from which the balance is being transferred as well as those to which the balance will be transferred. If the user does not start with a selection they may still bring up the tool and enter both the source and destination entries

There is much more on this in the online manual, here: Balance Transfer Tool

Horse Measurement Override

We have made some great changes to how we handle horse/pony measurements. Now you can easily see if a horse's measurement is official and can also choose to override measurements for horses measured at the show.

If a horse does not possess an official measurement from USEF, it will look like this:

A horse with an official measurement will look like this:

We have created a measurement override that allows horses that have been measured at a show to have their height entered and overridden to give the USEF time to process the paperwork.

If a horse gets measured at the show, (or there is some other reason you don't want a horse to show up as unverified during a measurement search) simply click into the height box and add the height.

Click on the word "Verified" and a window will open.

Enter the end date of the verification. Click "Execute"

Note: It is not advisable to leave the date open-ended but rather to give the USEF enough time to process the paperwork.

"Clear" (delete) will clear the date, "Cancel" (escape) will close the box with no changes made, "Execute" (enter)will save your changes.

The horse will no longer come up as unverified when doing any searches for official measurements in classes that have been given measurement as a requirement.

Ability to search for specific RTOs during verification.

Some memberships are specific to just the rider, trainer, owner or, maybe two of them. Now memberships can be verified by one, two or all RTOs.

Prize money checks can be printed right from the entries window. Select the Prize Money Checks option from the wheel in the entries window. From here, checks can be printed for entries with unapplied prize money.

It is also possible to export a list of checks printed by using the "Export Prize Money Checks" option in the wheel in the entries list.

Scratch option added for classes in the class detail of an entry.

There is now an option to scratch classes from within the all classes tab within an entry.

Highlight the class to be scratch and click the scratch button.

On clicking the button, the user is asked for confirmation. Click OK.

We have also added a "Scratched" column to display scratched status for trips on the "All Classes" tab.

This process can be done in reverse as well by highlighting a scratched class and clicking "Unscratch."

Results and prize money won added to "RTO Schedule-No times" Report.

Exhibitors love this printed report and we have added results, and prize money to it.

On the report "Class Sign-ups Class Groups" a column was added for horse name.


  • Announcer interface and in-gate now land on the current day when opened.

  • The issue where the old status box was printing on Classic reports. FIXED to use the new status

  • On certain laptops that did not fit our ideal minimum screen height requirement, the credit card buttons would go off the screen. FIXED

  • The issue where USEF membership status was not staying current-FIXED

  • The issue with judges card labels running off the labels a little bit-FIXED

  • It was possible to delete a fee that might be in use. Now, any fee used 1 or more times at a show cannot be deleted.

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