📓Release Notes - July 2020

These changes are being made during July 2020. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

Major Upgrades

We have made a number of major changes in support of shows trying to reduce the need for in-person contact, in light of COVID-19. Take some time to review these items, as they are important to making this process safe for all.

Digital Signatures

Most of you are already aware of the digital signature process that we now have in place for exhibitors. We will be expanding this to include other documents. We welcome & appreciate input on the different types of documents you'll need signed, and the circumstances that you'll require those documents.

Please read more about how digital signatures work here:


Waivers for entry blanks and digital signatures.

Read here on how to set and maintain appropriate waivers for your show company as well as specific shows:


Course Maps

We have created tools to allow course designers to maintain course maps for the classes at your shows. They can attach them to their respective classes so competitors can view them online. We have set up a user group on ShowgroundsLive for each company to invite course designers to. By adding them to this group, they will have access to these tools.

.Please read more on the course maps here:


Communication Tools

We now have the ability for show companies to send emails to exhibitors, to get out timely information. We ask that this tool not be used for marketing purposes, but rather for day to day communication needs with those participating in shows.

We will be adding texting capabilities to this service in the near future. We are not charging for the email service at this time but based on costs may have to add a fee for this in the future. Whatever those costs they will be similar to other services. More details on this coming soon!

Please read more here:


New Development and Fixes:

Office Access to ShowGroundsLive.com Linking Info

You can now see which people are linked to a ShowGroundsLive.com login from within the entry screen. Each person will indicate the email address and name of the linked login. The login email connected to each RTO is displayed and, if verified, will have a check mark beside it. Cell phones are also verified and provided. This information can be helpful when trying to assist users in understanding which login is attached to an RTO.

Rider Status now provided for both rapid add/drop and verification

Now, when rapid add/drop is used, the rider status is provided. This is useful when two or more riders are available, and provides insight as to which rider should be added to the class.

"Rider Status" is also provided during the verification process when doing results. Again, it provides insight as to which rider should be added, when an entry is found on the judges card that was not entered in the class.

Show Company specific reports will now be hidden

In an effort to reduce clutter in the print lists, we will now be able to create reports that are specific to one show company, and hidden from everyone else. *NOTE* You may continue to see some reports for a short tine, while we properly tag them for specific companies.

New Reports

Prize Money by Entry-Subset

This report is based on any subset of entries. It lists the classes for each entry, with prize money won for each class. There is a subtotal of the prize money for each entry, as well as a total at the bottom.

Trainer add/drop with class names

There is also a second trainer report that provides class names. It uses more paper, but is useful when trying to help exhibitors understand which classes they are in.

Report Fixes

Judges Card Changes

  1. Judges cards will print any set of classes on the subset, whether scheduled or not.

  2. They'll have 5,10,15 etc...... marked on the lines.

  3. They'll also add pages for any classes that have more entries than will fit on the first page:

Fee Detail by Entry

Now adds trainer name to trainer accounts

Class List-Announcer Sheet

City and State added for owner and rider.

Other report fixes/changes

  • Non-member form: the layout and truncation issues have been corrected

  • Class Revenue report had error messages which have been corrected

  • Trainer Feed & Tack Splits- the title has been corrected

Reports now printing on subset

These reports previously printed based on all entries in the show but now are based on the entries you have in selection.

  1. Prize Money Entry with detail

  2. Owner Misc Fees

  3. Equitation Results

Bugs and other fixes

  1. Championship Calculation Corrections:

    • In certain divisions, championships were sometimes miscalculated when more than the top 4 could be selected to receive points for under saddle.

    • Calculation of championships for split classes now calculate correctly, with two sets of champions.

    • California Split championships now calculate correctly, and provide two sets of champions.

  2. Entries lists were losing numerical sorting after using the verification tool and clicking "all".

  3. RTO Search was not working properly

  4. There was frequent booting when closing Simple Scheduler and Order of Go. Some lists were being lost. These issues have been resolved in the new update ( 4D v17.3 HF4).

  5. There were issues with random column width and screen size in entries window, class window, and other windows inside an entry.

  6. An error message appeared when closing the "Responsible Party" info on an entry after opening it.

  7. There was an issue where same day class add/drop settings in the classes were not updating as the settings were changed in the show.

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