📓Release Notes - November 2020

These changes are being made during November 2020. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Entry Verification Report

A report called "Entry Verification Report" has been added so show companies can remind people as they check in what the office needs to complete their entries. NOTE: It requires the verification process to be run first before running the report otherwise will show an alert message.

User Ability to Update Their Phone Number

Users have the option to update their phone number, they can go into their account once logged in and select "Change Mobile Number". 

Listed Riders on USEF Waivers

There will now be up to 3 riders listed on USEF waivers.

Added Requirements for Credit Card Processing

In order to give show companies more control of data requirements for credit card processing, there are now 2 checkboxes in the admin section: "Require Address Information" and "Require Email Address/Phone Information".

Simply check which box(es) you would like to require from your exhibitors. When they are processing their information at check out, they will be prompted to enter this information before they can complete the transaction.

When they "Click Here" to update their card information, it will tell them on the bottom what is missing.

Updates to Simple Scheduler

Within simple scheduler you can now visibly see the last class that has been entered, rather than the class not moving down the page. You also will have the ability to adjust the total width of the schedule grid, not just the columns within. In the Add/Edit section on the smaller grid, you will now be able to view more than 3 classes. You also now have the option to use military time if desired rather than having to adjust for AM or PM.

Change in Digital Signature Logic

Show companies expressed wanting trainers to be able to sign as agents for their riders, so this is now the default. Previously, the show company would have to ensure that the box was checked. We have changed this to allow them to sign as a default. If you wish to change this function simply click the checkbox on to "Disallow Agent Signature".

Changes in Circuit Standings

Updates to Classes Tab in Circuit Standings

Show companies will now be able to see more than 5 classes and instead of the section code the show name will be displayed.

Ability to Exclude a Point Record From Standing Calculation

There is now an Exclude option for Circuit Standings. After excluding the entries, you will need to hit Calculate Standings to get the updated standing.

There is an alert indicated at the bottom as a reminder. **Please note the excluded points are not shown by default, but you can see them by clicking on the Show Excluded Points checkbox.

Bug Fixes

  1. There was a bug when calculating Circuit Standings with an error message, this has been corrected.

  2. There was a bug when both "Enable USEF web service lookups" and "Use new USEF web service lookup" were checked in the System Preferences causing an error message, this has been corrected.

  3. There was a bug when searching in Classes window when using digits, rather than text; this has been corrected.

  4. There was a bug with disqualification codes not exporting correctly within results, this has been corrected.

  5. There was a bug in fee splits where if a fee had been previously split and then deleted, the original fee under the trainer account could not be split again. This has been corrected.

  6. There was a bug with the iOS App cutting off the top portion of the screen, this has been corrected.

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