📓Release Notes - October 2020

These changes are being made during October 2020. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Device Node QR Codes

Device nodes provided by ShowGrounds will now have a QR code sticker for easy configuration.

New Payment Details Report

There is now a report in the Payments section called Payment Detail by Entries which will provide a break-down for each entry. This will also provide a breakdown of transfers within an entry across multiple shows.

USEF Validation

RTO Suspensions are now checked with validations in the entry tab as soon as the rider is added. We will also be adding a check in web entries to prevent a suspended rider from getting entered.

Show Company Device Name

Show companies will now have the ability to add their desired name to a device in addition to the ShowGrounds device name. The read-only detail page now has an edit for admins to edit the device name.

Trainer Add/Drop Function

There is now a "Trainer Add/Drop" button on the Class Add/Drop area.

The user can enter adds and drops for any of their entries.

A green check mark will display when the classes are validated in the system.

Any classes that are closed for add/drops will display an error message to the user.

Once completed the user will see a list of classes added or dropped for each entry as well as a message that the request has been completed. The system will also send an email to the exhibitor once the request is confirmed with the show office.

Bug Fixes

  1. There was a bug with invoices where the amount of items was getting rounded up - for example if the charge was for 1.5 stalls, this was rounding up to 2 stalls. This has been corrected.

  2. There was a bug with the feed report asking the user if the report was printed correctly before it had actually printed. This has been corrected.

  3. There was a bug in the communication settings which truncated the header on emails when displayed on a mobile device, this has been corrected.

  4. There were exhibitors who were receiving texts at all hours, there will now be no automated text messages sent between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

  5. There was a bug with the emails being sent without the "from" address being validated, this has been corrected.

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