📔Release Notes - April 2021

These changes are being made during March 2021. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Changes to Hay/Shavings Tools

We have made some changes for hay and shavings. Users can now set the time for hay and shavings in show record under Web -> Web Orders settings.

For shows with these settings, message will appear in add entry and order supplies once user selects a fee marked as 'Feed Bedding Item'.

Country Flags Added

We have added Rider country flags on Class detail and live class detail pages.

Changes to Credit Cards in User Accounts

We are working towards making the user experience with credit cards better.

We have added a "Remove Card" function in user accounts on the ShowGrounds site. Cards that are currently being held for entries with deposits or with open balances will NOT be able to be removed.

Also note, that through this process, if a card is "redacted" but there is a past transaction on the card, we can still process a refund for the transaction.

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  1. There was a bug when printing a class where page 2 did not reflect the class name or number, this has been corrected.

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