📔Release Notes - January 2021

These changes are being made during January 2021. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Password Change Log Out

We have updated the log out session logic so that if a user changes their ShowGrounds password, they will logged out of all devices. Only the session where the user actually changed the password stays logged in.

Suppressing Shows on the Web

We have made a change to this feature. If Suppress Show on Web is checked and Disallow Web Entries is not, then exhibitors will still be able to enter the show. Both boxes must be checked if you want to suppress the show and disallow entries.

Class Verification

The class verification option is added in the Entry Verification Tool. By selecting this option, the options underneath are disabled and only the class-specific requirements are verified. We also have added the option for Rider Membership Verification.

New Reports

Entry Pick-Up Checklist

In an effort to help show companies keep track of credentials during the pandemic, there is a new report available Entry Pickup Checklist. NOTE: This is a System Report which requires admin access to edit.

Class Check-In

In the "Classes" area there has also been a check-in report updated with additional details, including microchip number, and description.

Added History with Record of Texts Messages Sent

On the History tab of the Entry you can now view additional details about the signature.

If you double click, you can also view the full details of the signature.

***Note: This data is periodically synced from SGL into the server so right now you will not see it in most of the entries but it will eventually start displaying.

Changes to SafeSport Membership Logic

SafeSport expirations dates are now retained after the expiration so the Show Company can see the date they were expired. **Please note: dates for memberships that got expired were already removed, therefore this change will be moving forward.

Bad Email Handling in ShowGrounds

In order to keep our database as accurate as possible, we have put a system in place for users who have email addresses that have had 3 previous failed attempts to deliver emails. Email addresses marked as "bad" are now flagged when users login. If marked bad, they are taken to email verification page.

Users are offered the option to re-confirm their email address that we have on file marked as bad, or to change it to a new email address. Users will not be able to log in until this process has been completed.

iOS App Updates

Sponsors Added

Sponsor names have been added to the Class, Entry, Schedule and Results pages.

Update to Live Class Page Colors

There was an update to the live class page on the iOS app to make it easier to read

Replicating Digital Signatures

We have added the option to replicate signature when adding to series. This works for manual signatures as well. If the entry is replicated before the signature is obtained then the RTOs will have to sign all entries.

Small Changes & Bug Fixes

  1. There was an adjustment to Classic Scores Report to make more room on the status column.

  2. There was a bug with the iOS app crashing when selecting a single-week show purchase, this has been corrected .

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