📔Release Notes - July 2021

These changes are being made during July 2021. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

Equine Canada Updates

EC Lookups

All customer systems are now utilizing generic access to Equine Canada, unless customer specific credentials are entered. This allows EC look-ups to work for US based companies.

EC Information for RTO's & Horses

In order to provide more comprehensive EC information for both Horse and RTO's we have updated the information shown associated with an EC number.


We have also updated the results report for EC based on the new criteria that they have provided.

Search by Name

Also now available with this integration update, the exhibitors can now search for their horses on ShowGrounds by name. Previously, it was only by passport number.

New Report

Invoice for Horses report has been added which you can use to print invoices of selected horses based on date range.

EC Sanctions & Class Types

We have changed the logic for the EC Section Codes. The class type and sanction type will no longer be dependent on the Class Sanction Code. You can select the type of class and sanction level from the dropdown in the class detail page.

Country Codes & Account Registration for SGL

We have updated our registration process to include other Country Codes for phone number verification. Previously, a user was only able to register with a verified number, and only numbers with (+1) country codes were verified.

Bulk-Add Location in Entries

There is now an option to add Location to multiple Entries at a time, for internal reference. Under the Entries module, select "Set Location" under the Wheel.

A warning will pop up, asking if the user is sure they want to change the locations for the number of Entries they have selected.

Set the desired location.

The user will then receive a confirmation that the action has been completed.

A column has also been added in the Entries list view for Location.

Suppressing Circuits

Users now have the ability to hide prior Circuits, similar to hiding old shows. In the circuits module, simply select the checkbox "Suppress Circuit on Web".

Bug Fixes & Small Changes

  1. A column for Zip Code has been added to the RTO Payment Summary Report.

  2. We have added columns for PMR SSN/Federal ID and Address on the Prize Money Summary by Entry Report.

  3. There was a bug with sending test emails in the communications tool, this has been corrected.

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