📔Release Notes - March 2021

These changes are being made during March 2021. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Assigning Entry Numbers to Web Entry Changes

Renumbering in other shows: This will only work if 1) the show is a part of a series and 2) the series has the "Maintain Entry Number" option checked as true. Otherwise, this entry will only be numbered for the selected show.

Order: The order of entries being numbered will now be processed in the same order the user has selected in their list view.

Bulk Membership Update Tool

Under the Entries wheel menu, users can now update in bulk for USEF, EC, & FEI memberships of Horses and RTOs. Simply select the entries that you wish to update and then select Update Memberships

Combing & Splitting Divisions

Show companies will be able to combine selected classes and/or divisions. If the user selects one or more division then it will combine and set up the interface for them. There will be a red message on the bottom of the screen confirming that the divisions are going to be combined.

Once combined, it will show in the division module that the class is a part of the combined division. The user can individually change/edit the names of the classes in combined division as well.

Show administrators will also will have the ability to split the division.

NOTE: The entry verification process will use the original class rules for the combined classes.

The same privilege is used for Combine and Uncombined Classes and Divisions.

Fence Height in USEF Results for Combined Classes

USEF results in for combined classes now show the fence height from the original class.

Bugs & Small Fixes

  1. There was a bug with lines on invoices being misaligned, this has been corrected.

  2. Section codes have been added for classes.

  3. Video Download purchases have been added under "My Subscribed Videos".

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