📔Release Notes - May 2021

These changes are being made during May 2021. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

New FEI Features

Please note that in order to utilize the new FEI features, ShowGrounds must be listed in the FEI Approved Schedule as the scoring/timing provider. This allows FEI to grant the relevant access so the user can import the FEI entry files, and then upload the results to the FEI Database. If in the case a FEI schedule is already approved, an email from the Organising Committee will suffice so the schedule does not need to be updated.

Country Flags

**There has been an update for the Country Flags and where they are coming from. We have added a "Riding For" option in the RTO screen with a drop down. This will be where the flag displayed is pulled from. NAT is no longer relevant and has been removed from the RTO section.

There has been some confusion about where the flags being displayed are coming from in the system and requests to change this. We have added the flags to the class detail and live class pages at the request of the FEI.

Manual Signature Requests

When setting manual signatures for an entry, users will now have the option to add the signature status to future entries. We have added a checkbox in the Manual Signature Step to apply the signature to all future entries of the series.

If selected, the signature is replicated to future shows in the series.

Export Email Function Changes

We have added columns for USEF number and "Is a Trainer:" columns in this export.

Bugs & Small Fixes

  1. There was an issue with users who are adding entries on the app, inadvertently creating new RTO records when doing so. This has been corrected.

  2. There was a bug in the iOS app where offline shows (hidden by the show company) were still showing up. This has been corrected.

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