📔Release Notes - October 2021

These changes are being made during October 2021. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

*IMPORTANT* Date Formatting

In order for updates to run properly in the system, it is necessary for all computers utilizing the program to be on the proper date format: MM/DD/YYYY. Although it may seem like a minimal difference, the incorrect date format can cause major issues in the show company database. If you need assistance in setting this up on your computer, you can read about how here.

New Changes

Temporary Overrides - Bulk Tool

We have added a feature where users are now able to override memberships or clear existing overrides in bulk.

This feature can be found in the Entries module under the Quick Actions option.

This opens a dialog box where the user can select the Role they want to override (Rider, Trainer, Owner or Horse) as well as the membership organization. Users can also select the date to which they would like to extend the override, or This Show Only which applies the override to the show in which they have selected the Entries for override.

If the Governing Organization is EC for the override, then the Membership Level and the Reason Code (reason for the override) must be selected.

The user can also use this tool to clear any existing overrides for the selected entries.

Once the action of setting or clearing the overrides has been executed, an override summary dialog will display with all people or horses who's memberships will be updated. By default all rows will be selected, however if the user decides they want to remove an RTO or horse from the list they can unselect the Entry by unchecking the blue box in the left hand column.

Any Entry that has an override or a cleared override with this tool will show in the History.

Payments Changes

Users now have the ability to select entries with a $0 balance to apply the payment. When you select the entries with no balance, the unapplied amount gets equally distributed in the selected entries.

Owner Information in Horses Module

Horse owner information has been added in the List View screen of the Horses module.

Class History

Class and drops are now visible in the Class history

Importing Classes from Another Show

In the past, Classes from another show could only be imported into a new show when the new show was being created. Users now have the ability to import Classes from any show at any time.

Under the Classes Module in the show that you want to import the classes into, under the quick action, select Add Classes from Other Show.

A dialog box will appear and prompt the user to select the Source Show where the classes will be pulled from. Then the user has the option to select classes individually by checking the boxes in the left hand column, entering the classes by numbers in the line under the Source Show, or to Select All Classes.

Once the desired classes have been selected the user can view only the selected classes by checking off "Show Selected". Once the user confirms that they have all desired classes selected, click Import and the classes will be added from the source show to the currently selected show.

Notes About Importing Classes:

  1. After classes are imported from another show the class in the current show will note in the history that it was imported form another show. (See screenshot below)

  2. Classes are imported with the same class number. In the case of a conflicting class number, the next highest available class number will be assigned to the class.

  3. Class requirements, class rules, and class prize templates are all included in the information that is imported.

  4. Combined classes are imported as Non-Combined classes. No class groups are created with the imported classes.

  5. Imported classes are assigned ONLY to the same division in the show process.

Search Dialog

Under the Entries Module we have updated our search dialog for a more flexible search of entries based on classes.

Users can now search for an Entry with a range of refinement options.

No Classes - Entry will show if it is not in any of classes.

Any Class(es) - Entry will show if it is in at least one class.

All of Class(es) - Entry will show if it is in ALL of the specific classes searched.

Any of Class(es) - Entry will show if it is in ANY of the specific classes searched.

Order Of Go

We have updated the order of go to show Rider Status


The color orange is now used to indicate Non Membership Fee paid with overrides - previously it was yellow, but yellow now indicates TEMP overrides.

Export Division Type

This export now has two additional columns, one for a combination of all 3 disciplines as well as one for unknown.

Small Changes and Bug Fixes

  1. There was a bug with photos in the office system for the feed and delivery system where photos were too large, this has been corrected and users can now zoom in and out on the photos.

  2. There was a bug with Circuit Standings and class/shows mismatching, this has been corrected.

  3. Users will now be able to navigate within the program when they are in Circuit Divisions.

  4. The Circuit Division window will now retain its size when moving from record to record.

  5. There was a bug allowing entries to be made on the web with the class requirements being overlooked, this has been corrected.

  6. When preparing to Export EC results Horses with invalid/temp memberships were not reported as error after the export process therefore there was no indication for the users to fix these. This has been added so any horses or RTOs with invalid or missing membership will be reported.

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