📓Release Notes - February 2022

These changes are being made during February 2022. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

New Changes

Logos on Invoices

ShowGrounds has added the ability to put a logo on Invoices. This feature can be found in System Preferences.

To access system preferences, the user can open the client and select FILE from the top menu.

From the file menu, select Administration.

A dialog box will appear, select "Edit System Preferences"

On the next screen, select the "Report Prefs" tab.

On the "Report Prefs" tab, the user should select their default Invoice preference and upload a logo. The recommended size is 135 x 60. Once the logo is uploaded a preview will show in the Report Logo screen.

The logo on the report will appear on the top right hand section of the invoice.

USHJA Integration

Recently, USHJA made the decision to separate from USEF so we have been working to integrate with their new system so that Show Companies can track USHJA memberships. This will work the same way that USEF, EC, and FEI membership checks work.

In the Entries Module

In the entry detail screen, USHJA membership will now be listed for all parties associated with an entry.

Also like the other membership organizations, if the USHJA membership is NOT valid - eg up-to-date - then it will show in red.

If an exhibitor qualifies for an override, the user can then double click on "USHJA"

The dialog box for the temporary override will appear.

Once the override is set, the USHJA number will turn orange to indicate that there is a temporary override in place.

NOTE: If the user double clicks on the USHJA logo, the system will run a check on the current membership and update it accordingly.

In the RTO's Module

In the RTO detail screen under the Additional Tab, USHJA is now an added option. Show companies can view status and override the membership from this module as well, just like with the other organizations.

As in the Entries module, a Green highlighted row indicates an active membership and Red indicates invalid.

Also as in the Entries module, the user can double click the USHJA field to enter a temporary override:

The user can also click on the USHJA icon to run an updated search. This means when you click on the icon, the system will connect with the USHJA database and call back the most recent record on file.

If there is an update of information since the last time the data was received, then the membership data will change. If there has been no update, the system will leave it at the same status.

Announcer Sheet in Numerical Order

Users now have the option to print the class order in numerical order by entry number. The report is called "CLASS LIST - ANNOUNCER SHEET (Numerical Order)". This is same as CLASS LIST - ANNOUNCER SHEET, but prints in the order of entry numbers

Donation Option

During the entry process, Show Companies now have the option to ask if the entry wants to also make a donation on the web. To initiate this process, the user must start by creating Master Fees for where the donations are to be designated. For more details on Master Fees, click here.

Master Fees

In the Office

The first step in this process is to create any Master Fees that you want to use as donation recipients. In the Master Fee for the charity or recipient you must have the following checked off in order for the donation option to appear correctly during the web entry process.

  1. Name: Type in the name as you would like to appear - eg the name of the charity or organization receiving the donation

  2. Active: This box MUST be checked for the fee to be utilized

  3. Donation: This box MUST be checked for the fee to be processed correctly during the web entry process

  4. Default Price: The default price for a Donation Master Fee should ALWAYS be shown as $1 in order for this process to work properly.

  5. Tax Rate: Non Taxable should be selected to ensure the entry is not charged tax on their donation.

  6. Default Quantity: The default quantity must ALWAYS be 1. NOTE: This does note mean that the entry will be automatically added a donation fee, the web user will have the option to opt out of submitting a donation.

NOTE: Don't forget after the fee is created and marked as active, it must ALSO be added to the show.

On the Web

During the entry process on the web in SGL the user will be prompted with the option to add a donation, after the step where they can order supplies for the show.

The user can opt-out of a donation by selecting No, Thank you. If they elect to add a donation they will select the recipient from the list of Charities - or master fees rather - that the Show Company as created in the back end. Then they will select either one of the pre-fixed amounts or a custom amount which they can choose from the dropdown.

In the next step of the entry process where the user reviews their fees, if they have opted to donate, then this will show on their itemize list of fees for that show and the option to remove that fee is available in the case that it was added by mistake.

**NOTE: This is only available on the PlugIn version of ShowGroundsLive, you can get more information about that here.

Changes to Payment Screen

We have made some changes to the payment screen to include the rider and owner in the list on this page as well as a "check all" box so that all entries on this screen can be selected more easily. Users will also be able to adjust the size of this window for better visualization.

In the Entry Detail screen users can also select to check if there are any past balances by clicking on the bottom right section of the account information on the general tab.

The system will display a message as to whether or not that entry has a past balance.

Bug Fixes & Small Changes

  1. We have changed our logic for schedule emails so that if someone is on an entry solely as the Prize Money Recipient, then they will now receive a copy of the schedule email. Previously, it was only Riders, Trainers, and Owners.

  2. We have made the column on Judges Cards for the Entry number larger.

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