📔Release Notes- October 2023

These changes are being made during October 2023. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

Cloud Updates

We have turned on Login Linking for all companies. If you haven't completed this already, you will be prompted at login to link your SGL account to your login for the Client.

You can refer to this documentation link for step by step directions on that linking process.

We have added the option to search by class type in the entry search. That way a user can break down which entries competed in each different class type.

This search option is now found under the "Class Participations/Requirements" section of the search criteria.

Small Changes and Bug Fixes

  1. There was a bug with the app showing the wrong flag for people. This has been resolved.

  2. There was a bug with the Customer Content section in email templates. Entering your content would not send through in the email. This has been fixed.

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