📔Release Notes- February 2024

These changes are being made during February 2024. This document will be updated as additional changes are made.

Entry History for Multiple Riders

We have made changes to how the history works when there are multiple riders on an entry entered in the same class.

  1. When multiple riders on an entry are entered in the same class, the history will now show the class number with the names of all riders on the entry entered in that class.

  1. When the rider for a class is changed from one rider on the entry to a different rider using the Change button, the history for the entry will show the changed rider.

  1. When there are multiple riders entered in a class and the class is dropped by one rider, the history will show the class being dropped.

Membership Override Field Updates

Made by Spencer Spevak with Scribe

Alert: Changes have been made for USEF and USHJA (both RTOs and Horses) to include a dropdown menu for override reason. The override reason and date will now be displayed.

1. Double click to open the entry.

2. In this example, the trainer does not have a USHJA #/membership. Double click the USHJA field to apply an override.

3. The user may enter the override date (this will be displayed on the entry). As with before, if the "This show only" box is checked, the override is valid only for the current show.

4. A dropdown with override options is located adjacent to Add Reason.

5. Select the reason and click save.

6. The USHJA field is now yellow to indicate an override has been placed. The date and reason also appear next to the organization.

7. In this example, the trainer had a USEF membership number that was not current. An override was placed and shows as yellow; however, the reason and date do not appear as the membership number is retained and displayed instead.

Made with Scribe

Small Changes and Bug Fixes:

  1. A new column on the Ingate/Announcer tool has been added. Users will now have a column with horse/rider status.

  2. There was an issue in the Ingate/Announcer tool with Hunt N Go derbies that users could not put 0 in the callback line. This has been fixed.

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