EC Coaches Status

We have updated how the EC Coaches status works. It now works similarly to a membership.

A new aspect of the EC Coaches status is the ability to set the EC rating of the show. This is found in the General tab of the show. The previously labeled "Get Show Info" button has been changed to an Info Icon. A user can either set the EC Rating in the dropbox themselves or click the Info Icon to pull the data from the EC database.

Clicking the Info Icon will show the specific EC information for this show and will allow you to populate the information to the show.

The coach validation now works off of the EC Rating set in the show.

If the show is rated as Gold or Platinum, the coach must be licensed for the EC coach membership to show as valid.

If the show is rated as Bronze or Silver, the coach can be registered or licensed for the EC coach membership to show as valid.

Previously in the entry itself, in the case of an override on the EC coaches status membership, a banner would still show that the status was inactive.

Now if a coach membership is overriden, that banner no longer shows.

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