Updates to the Ingate/Announcer Tool


We have implemented updates and improvements to the Ingate/Announcer Tool on the Cloud based on feedback from the ingate and announcers using the new tools on site. Please see below:

January 17, 2024

1: Set Order Update

As shown below, once the Order of Go is set or updated, the date and time of the change along with the user who made the change will appear in red.

January 10, 2024

1: Order of Go Tool – Trainers with multiple trips

This update allows the user to click the heading β€œStep 2: Trainers with Multiple Trips” to expand or collapse data for a more efficient view.

Expanded List View:

Collapsed List View:

2: Expanded View of Classes

Previously, there were only 11 lines viewable at a time on the OOG this has been updated so that all trips can be viewed; all rows will be viewable without scrolling within the page.

3: Announcer Tool – Second Tab

Remaining trips can now be sorted by any column.

4: Simple Scheduler – Classes View

Previously, only six classes were viewable per day. Now, all class groups for the day are now viewable with an expanded class list.

5: Simple Scheduler – Enter Button Functional

In the new tools we have added the functionality back for the Enter key stroke to work from the keypad (the 10 digit keypad on the right side of the users keyboard)

6: Ingate/Announcer Scratch History

Ingate/announcer scratch actions will now be logged in an entry and will be available in the office (Client) when viewing history for entry.

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