USEF Results Updates

This documentation will walk through the new updates for reporting USEF results.
With the new requirements from USEF for reporting results in 2024, we have added a few changes to the system to accomodate those requirements.

Elimination Codes

USEF has updated the list of elimination codes that should be used when reporting results.
With these new codes, we had to add them into the system to make reporting results work correctly.

Announcer Interface

In the announcer interface, the elimination reason dropdown now shows a descriptive list to choose from instead of just the elimination codes. This gives the user a more detailed list of elimination reasons to choose from instead of quickly trying to determine the correct code.
The elimination reason will show as the correct elimination code in the results export.

Results Export

There are minor changes in the USEF Results export to accomodate these new changes in report results.
With the extended codes from 2 characters to 6, the placings column has been extended to comply with the 6 character codes.