Horse Height Requirement

This documentation walks through how to set the class rules correctly for the Small Junior Hunter and Small Hunter Height Requirements.

In the class detail, users are able to set a Horse Type (S/M/L pony, S/L horse) OR set a height range for Horse Height. Please note that ONLY ONE of these preferences can be set per class.

As with existing requirements, the user may select β€œwarn” to warn a user that the horse does not fit the requirements to be in the class or select β€œdisallow” which will produce an error message and will not allow the entry to be added if it is outside of the requirements.

Entry Verification

To verify entries by the horse height is run in the verification process. The choice for Horse Height is found in the Horse Requirements section of the Verification window.

Select Horse Height as the requirement and click continue. Green/verified entries are those that fit the requirements OR are not in classes with the requirements. Red/unverified entries are those that do NOT fit the specified class requirement.

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