Reissuing Prize Money

When you have prize money that needs to be reissued after you have run the batch, you can follow these directions to reissue that prize money.

Start by going to the specific payment batch.

After you have chosen the specific batch you are wanting to change, you will see your checks that have been posted in the bottom section.

Select the check you want to void and choose Void Selected Check. A popup will ask if you are sure you want to void the check. Choosing Ok will void the check and move the amount back to the RTO's account.

After the check is voided the paid amount in batch will be $0. See below:

The amount is reflected back into the account register with credit balance.

Now in order to move this amount back into the entry, you will need to reverse the payment of type Account Transfer. In this example this particular account has both balance refund and prize money, so we are reversing only the prize money $65. If the balance refund needs to be reversed, this can be done as well, but for this documentation, we will only look at the prize money.

This reversal is also reflected in account register with a debit.

The entry will now show the credit balance for the amount reversed.

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