USEF- Updates to Reporting Officials and Results

This documentation details the new updates to reporting officials and results to USEF.

Show Detail Page Changes

In the show detail page, the box that used to be titled "Judges" is now titled "Officials."

Officials are now listed by their name, their USEF number, and whether they are a judge or a course designer.

Adding and Removing Officials

Adding an official is done by choosing the plus button on the right side of the Officials box. This will bring up a box to search the RTOs.

Once you have found the person you want to add as an official, you can choose whether that person is a judge or a course designer.

Once you have selected the type of official, clicking Add will add your new official to your show's list of officials.

The Add New Official box will stay open for the user to add multiple officials. When you are done adding officials, clicking the Done button will close this box out and show the list off officials you have added.

If you have an official who is acting as BOTH a CD and a Judge at the same show, go through the process one time for each official type. After closing the box, you will see the individual on the Officials list twice, once for each capacity they will be acting in.

If an official is not assigned to a class and needs to be removed from the list, this can be done by highlighting the specific person and hitting the minus sign. This will remove that person from the list of officials.

Changing Official Type

If you have added an official and need to change that person's official type, this can be done by double-clicking that specific person.

This will bring up a box to update the type.

Once you have chosen the new type and click ok, the system will ask if you are sure you want to make this change.

Clicking Ok will update that person's official type in any classes or class groups this person is assigned to.

Class Detail Page Changes

In each class under the Judges & Schedule tab, there is a dropbox titled "Select an official to add..."

Each of the officials that have been added to that show, will be in that dropbox. To add an official to a particular class, you will just choose the desired person from that dropbox.

Once you have picked the official, it will show in the list. The official's name, USEF number, and official type will show in the list in the class.

Removing an official from a class is done so by highlighting the specific official and hitting the minus sign. This will remove the official from that class list.

If you do not highlight an individual and hit the minus sign, an error message will appear.

"Adding Officials to Classes" Bulk Tool

We have added the tool to bulk add officials to multiple classes. This is done by creating a subset of the classes you want to apply the official to.

The user will then go to the Quick Wheel menu. The option to add officials to classes is at the very bottom of the menu.

When you choose this option, a box will popup to select the desired official for those classes. Each of your officials assigned to the show will appear in the dropbox.

Once you have selected your desired official, you will choose the add button.

Once you have selected add, the system will inform you the number of classes your official has been assigned to.

"Remove Officials from Classes" Bulk Tool

We have also added the option to remove officials in a bulk fashion as well. This is done the same way as the Adding tool.

The user will select the subset of classes.

The bulk removal tool is located at the bottom of the Quick Wheel menu options.

Clicking this tool will bring up the box for the official removal.

From this dropbox, you will choose the specific official you want to remove from the classes.

Once you have selected your official, you will hit the remove button.

The system will then inform you that your official has been removed from those classes. To exit this removal, you will hit the done button.

Simple Scheduler Changes

The ability to assign officials in the simple scheduler itself has been added as well. There is now an Assign Official button towards the top of the page.

Officials can be assigned by highlighting the desired class. If you have multiple classes you want to assign, you can highlight the multiple classes and then choose the Assign Official button.

The box to select your specific official will come up and you will choose your official and select add.

The system will then inform you that the official has been added to those classes.

If an official is assigned to a class group and a class is added into that group, the official is then assigned to that class as well.

If a class is removed from the class group with an assigned official, the official will not be removed from that class.

USEF Results Export

The USEF results export has been updated to include the 2024 USEF Results Template Changes.

These changes include Horse/Rider Falls, Judge's USEF Numbers, and Course Designer's USEF Numbers.

*Please note that after this implementation, judges already assigned to shows and classes will not be visible.

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