Circuits Detail

Detail View Common Functions

All detail screens share some common elements. To review these common items please click here.

The Shows tab shows you a list of all the shows included in the selected Circuit.

Suppressing Circuits

Users have the ability to hide prior Circuits, similar to hiding old shows. In the circuits module, simply select the checkbox β€œSuppress Circuit on Web”.

Hunter Increment

The Hunter Increment tab is where you can input your breakdown for the point system if you are utilizing the hunter increment for your circuit placing.

The hunter increment is broken down by number of columns and number of places. You can then input the the number of trips in a class as a range.

If you want to offer additional points for champion & reserve, you would input the extra points in the boxes.

Circuit Points

The Circuit Points tab is where you can input your points for the circuit point standings. You can also add additional champion & reserve points by filling in the boxes with the appropriate points.

Circuit Divisions

The Circuit Divisions tab shows a complete listing of all of the divisions in the selected circuit.

Within Circuit divisions you will see a list view. Once you double click into the detail view you will be brought to the Classes tab. You can scroll between Circuit Divisions within the detailed view using the Previous and Next buttons.

From the Classes tab in the Circuits detail view you can edit the USEF or EC section codes for the division. You can also edit the β€œStandings based on”, Owner member of, trainer member of, and rider member of statuses. You can also edit the standings calculation method, you can choose point based, or dollar based.

Under the Standings tab in the Circuits detail view you will see the listing of the standings broken out.

If you use the horizontal scroll button, you can see more things in the detail view, such as the Horse/rider status, owner and trainer.


The Stats tab shows a breakdown of the unique stats for the selected circuit.

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