Classes with Multiple Jump Heights Offered

*Please note this is ONLY for classes that offer multiple jump heights. This is NOT applicable to combined classes. For combined classes, please use the combine feature.

It was reported that results for classes offering multiple jump heights were not per USEF specifications. The program now supports these classes using the features described below and will produce satisfactory results for USEF.

As pictured below, the team has added a β€œheights” field to be used for classes with multiple jump height options:

In the original β€œfence height” field, you may enter one of the jump heights offered for the class. This will be the default if no specific height is selected for the entry. In order to indicate that the class is to be run at multiple heights, the user should enter the heights in the β€œheights” field in INCHES ONLY separated by commas in the new field as seen above. For example, a class that is to run at 2’9 and 3’ MUST be entered in the new field as follows: β€œ33, 36”.

β€œ2’9, 3’” would NOT be a valid entry. This requirement for inches only is to streamline data and ensure consistency.

The user would then navigate to the class in question. In the entries tab, upon clicking on the fence height field, the user would see a drop down for each entry. To continue with the example above, the dropdown would have the options of β€œ33, 36” to indicate which height that entry will jump.

With these new methods, results will be displayed with proper information per USEF’s request and requirements.

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