Team Scoring

Team Scoring

Team scoring can be found when setting up a class under the Jumper Table drop-down list.

Once you have selected the team scoring option, a box will appear for “Setup teams”

From here you can choose what type of team you will require for the class. Country or Organization team.

You can add a team by using the “+” button at the top of the window. Once you have done that, a box will appear allowing you to create a team.

If you have selected Country for the type of team, a drop-down list will appear with all the countries you can choose from.

If you have chosen organization, you will then be able to put in the Team Name and an abbreviation for the organization you are choosing.

Once you have created the team, it will appear in the top left box in the window, you then need to double click on the team and it will be added into the class and you can then add riders to the team.

You can also pin individual trips when creating a team class.

All trips entered in the class will appear at the bottom of the window and will be highlighted if they should be participating in a team but are not yet entered in the team. To enter riders into a team, drag their name to the team you want to enter them in.

Another way to enter or remove riders to/from a team is by using the Add/Remove options at the bottom of the page. In the “Entry No. box, you simply enter an entry number. In the dropbox to the right, you would choose which team you want that entry to go to and then click the add button. This works the same for removing an entry from a team.

If you have chosen Country for your team setup, once you have entered the team information, any rider entered in that country will automatically be highlighted in red to indicate they should be entered in a team.

Once you have set up your teams, select the “Save Teams” button at the bottom of the page.

FEI Nations Cup

FEI Nations Cup is also found in the Jumper Table drop-down list. When you’ve selected that option, the same “Setup Teams” button will appear.

The process for setting up the FEI Nations Cup and for Team Scoring is exactly the same. You are given your option of teams by country or organization. Adding and removing your teams and entries is the same process.

Announcer Interface

Once you have your teams set up and ready to use this announcer interface, you access this through the Quick Actions wheel. You can set your Order of Go in this interface.

Once you are in the Ingate & Announcer tab, your entries will show on the left and will show their team abbreviation. There is a check box for “Going” and another for “Scratched.” If you choose the “Going,” it will show all the information for that specific trip.

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