Payments List View - Reports


In this section we will go over the reports that the user can print from the Payments window.

Under the β€œPrint” button on the top taskbar a list of all the available reports will appear.

All Payment Summary Report

Bank Deposit Slip

Credit Card Report (All Shows)

Credit Card Report (Current Show)

Distributions – Test


Payment Detail (Ordered by User/Type)

Payment Detail (Simple – Ordered by screen sort)

Payment Detail (Simple – Ordered by Ref Code)

Payment Detail (Simple)

Payment Detail by Entries

The Payment Detail by Entry report will provide a break-down for each entry. This will also provide a breakdown of transfers within an entry across multiple shows.

This report can be found through the β€œPrint” option on the top taskbar. Once the user has selected print, this popup box will appear and the user then can locate the report β€œPayment Detail by Entry”

Select β€œPrint” and the report will look like the below.

*Note, users can also save the report to their desktop as a text file. Select print to disk, name the file and select desktop (this last step will take a few moments as it runs all entries)

Payment Detail by User

Payment Detail Report (Summarized by card type)

Payment Detail Report (Summarized by type)

Payment Summarized by Memo

Payment Summary Report (All Transactions)

Payments by Type (Current Show)

Payments by Type and Show

Prize Money Verification by Show

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